Kiko Ourivesarias
— since 1989 —

It was the year 1989. Rui Veloso's song 'A Rapariguinha do Shopping' made a fuss and jus to the whooping cough of the time, the Brasília Shopping Center, at the roundabout of Boavista, where it was inaugurated, in a few square meters, that would become one of the Most successful goldsmiths of the unconquered city, Kiko Ourivesaria.

It was two goldsmiths and friends of Porto, Bernardino and Olinda who, taking advantage of an opportunity of trespass, transformed the original Kiko, whose name derives from the nickname of the son of the former owner, in a concept of a successful store, with excellence in the design, good price and great variety in the offer, with a unique palette of styles, from the classic Mallorca to the most daring creations of the esteemed stylists.

It was in 1998, with the opening of a sales space at Expo 98, that the business expansion phase began, followed by successive inaugurations in the Azores, Viana do Castelo, Leiria, downtown Oporto and finally in Lisbon. The downtown store, in Rua Sá da Bandeira, is now one of the most emblematic goldsmiths in Oporto. It is said that it was a confectionery of great prestige during the nineteenth century and that at the turn of the century was converted into the bank Fernando Magalhães, one of the three banks of Porto that marketed gold and with whom Bernardino's family, in the branch of goldsmiths since the Early nineteenth century, maintained excellent relations.

Although unsuccessful, Bernardino's grandfather would encourage his grandson to embark on a promising career at his friend Fernando Magalhães's bank, on the same facade that Carlos would acquire with Olinda in 2013. A space where the secular estate inherited from A great bank, passing the gold from the coffers to the seductive shop windows that already enchanted and demanding such as Lenny Kravitz and that you can visit in Rua Sá da Bandeira or in the website  
Kiko Ourivesarias