Real Hamburgueria
— since 2013 —

Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa opened doors somewhen in 2013’s September, at Rua da Torrinha (door 134) - a Cedofeita’s transversal - former place of the famous tavern “A Nossa Casa”, founded in 1935 by Mr. Luís Vieira, who’s information about is almost none, except for the fact that he kept the balcony well saved and the shelves locked.

After him, was Mr. Pedro Pereira Conde’s time. Natural of S. João da Pesqueira, managed the house from 1967 to 1989, after arrived (at Oporto) in a car pulled by oxen to become a restaurant manager, just two weeks later. Kepted loyal to the job for more than two decades, between fellow countrymen devoted to Oporto’s wine tradition and stubborn tax collectors, mean enough to fine him at the opening day, by lack of stamp in a dozen eggs.

As Mr. Pedro tells us, “A Nossa Casa” was well known by Oporto residents. “A place where you could find every type of person! In the 70’s were the communists, in the 80’s we had the older ones, after that were the students!”. By 1990, gave in the space to Agostinho Dias Queirós, who kept the doors open for two years and whose testimony had been renewed by several chief staff’s until 2013. Then the spot was totally rebuilded to embrace the hamburger house concept that lasts until today.

The recent story of Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa begins with a travel through Europe, which culminated in the strong will that a young couple had of creating an hamburger house, placed North. And then, one of the most wanted restaurants - both by tourists and residents - was born.

The quality of the menu, the space’s harmony and - of course - the treatment carried out by well-prepared waiters are the key to success. But, as always, the devil lies in the details and Real Hamburgueria Portuguesa is no exception. Is one of the partners who explain us precisely this, with a wide smile in the face. He also owns a food distribution company called Golbalmensa,ltd, which mostly trades ice and cheese. “First, the ingredients. More than 90% of the purchase volume comes from traditional local markets. The coffee itself is from Oporto! It has to be like this: portuguese and finest quality!”.

The other key to success is represented by the amazing staff “...this house is theirs: the chefs, the waitresses... we have a great team!”. At last but not least, we can find a wide range of awkward names, the real atractions and stars-by-right of the business. “Chaparro” - winner of 2015 Oporto’s Humm Burger Festival -, the “Aviador”, the “Azeiteiro”, the “Submarino”, the “Tritoque” or the wild “Secretos da Horta”, beyond the seasonal menu composed by “Zé-Zé” in the summer and “Serrano” in the winter.

These and other gastronomic treasures can be tasted in a covered terrace or in wood tables; the chef’s suggestion begins with a delicious olive paste with garlic, oregano and black pepper, followed by jam with goat cheese. The “real” meal can be finished with a medronhos brandy, an exclusive ex-libris of this house. And as usual, we left the Porto Nosso’s tip “To call someone, turn on the light above the table”.  
Real Hamburgueria