— since 2011 —

Booinga's partners, from African origins, always had contact with the business of planting and cultivating coffee and while still in Angola, there was a time when they came to have their own plantation. Although they never managed to taste the final product due to the Revolution, their passion for coffee has always remained.

Being a member of SCAE (Speciality Coffee Association of Europe), the company invests in training and continuous qualification. Booínga Café's team has expertise in all areas of the coffee making world. By having formation in green-coffee (raw substance), roasting, brewing and sensory analysis, Booinga has the ability to carefully evaluate any blend of coffee, from bean to cup.

Thus, whether it might be in single origin coffee as well as in their own blends, the choice of sources is always meticulously analyzed. Before launching a new blend, all coffees from diferent origins are tested in cups, while looking for the perfect balance between their characteristics. This process makes all products bear a standard of high quality.

In addition to marketing gastronomic experiences, Booínga Café worries about transmitting as much information as possible to their customers. This involves describing each coffee in detail, as well as providing 'recipes' on how to make the perfect coffee according to the equipment each customer has at home.

'We try to open the doors to a world yet unknown in Portugal. A world of options where we have total freedom to choose the experience we're going to have with each coffee. We have very good gastronomic habits and we're used to high quality products.

It's time for coffee to get the attention it deserves.' - Carlos Vieira (Founder) .