Sabores do Sebouh
— since 2011 —

Portuguese gastronomy is increasingly known and appreciated, but we are also curious and prone to experience new things. Sabores do Sebouh is the place to satisfy this curiosity. Located in Rua de Miguel Bombarda 34, this restaurant has already captivated the people of Porto with its original dishes and friendly service. This was, however, a path based on dedication and effort.

Our story begins in another country, one that rivals our Mediterranean sun, Greece. Sebouh, Syrian of Armenian descent, worked there as a goldsmith for several years. Daily routine notwithstanding, Greece still had a surprise reserved for Sebouh, called Celia. On a holiday with a friend, Celia meets Sebouh in a busy street in Athens and their was quick to bloom. The following year, in June, they married at the Portuguese Embassy in Athens and in September they married in a portuguese church. The friendly couple then began to think of a marriage beyond marriage, a union that would allow them to combine Sebouh's talent in cooking and Celia’s knowledge of Porto’s life. The concept for the Sabores do Sebouh, a restaurant that could give Invicta, excellent Syrian and Middle Eastern cuisine, with a quiet and informal atmosphere, was born. In hindsight, that's exactly what they got.

Since its opening in 2011, the restaurant continues to attract customers and already has habitués that cannot do without one of the healthy meals of Sebouh. The place was chosen for the cultural diversity present in the historical downtown of Porto wich allowed a good acceptance of the concept. Seven years ago, according to Célia, Rua de Cedofeita was in complete decline, much voted for the abandoned. The 'Cedofeita Viva' initiative, with its thematic market and live performances, has energized the street, something that the couple has been able to enjoy even after the initiative was over.
The appeal of the restaurant still rests on the fresh dishes it prepares. Sebouh comments that 'all vegetables are cut at the time of cooking' and insists that this is the only way to cook fresh, quality meals. The establishment is based on organic food and the menu is mostly vegetarian, but for those who can’t survive without meat, do not despair, there is always the possibility of high quality chicken kebab, in fact some customers no longer eat Kebab in most restaurant none , because they perceive the difference of the quality of the Kebab that can be tasted in the Flavors of the Sebouh.

The couple has served several celebrities and famous people in their restaurant, and has already been invited to programs in Porto Canal and TVI, as well as being interviewed in Vision, Time Out and Evasões, more than once, but they treat all clients with the same cordiality and friendliness. They watch television in the restaurant because they appreciate the dialogue and the buzz that develops without such distraction and perfectly characterizes traditional business. The challenge, they say, is to continue to grow, maintain the quality and the old Sebouh recipes that brought so much fame to the house.
If it’s up to the clientele, it will not be difficult for sure. We could introduce some testimonials here, but we end up with only these words of a client, which have equal parts of simplicity and truth: 'I like to come here, I feel good.'  
Sabores do Sebouh