— since 2014 —

'Do you want a serrated knife for your steak or do you prefer a bronze sword?' In any other restaurant this question would be misplaced, but at Endovélico, located at 680 Bonjardim Street, it's just another day. Before you begin to be suspicious of what you are reading, consider that this is not a conventional restaurant. The concept brought to the people of Porto by Maria José Valente and Jaime Filipe Barros is something unprecedented in Invicta: a themed restaurant inspired by the interesting cultural miscellany of the Celtic peoples, namely Brittany, Asturias, Galicia, Scotland, Ireland and of course, from the north of Portugal. The enthusiasm shared by the couple over this culture transformed their home into a true museum, with pieces and artefacts collected on the many trips they had contact with it.

Their professional career did not include any restoration experience. Maria is a trainer and consultant in the behavioral area and Jaime deals with printing, management software and general office equipment. On the other hand, the street where they wanted to build the Endovélico was somewhat abandoned and the concept did not seem to be easily accepted by an audience that did not know it at all. It was, therefore, a work of effort and perseverance, which curiously legitimizes perfectly the roles embodied by the dynamic couple in the restaurant. She is Boudica, Celtic warrior with a strong wrist, he is, Breogán, chief of tribe, assertive, reliable ...
The Endovélico owes its name to the god of the same name. Its legend is already a bit lost in the mists of time and it’s therefore a pleasure to meet those who sing it in these times of accelerated modernity. His personality surprisingly mirrors the duality of human nature, with a telluric component, associated with pleasures and habits and a solar component associated with the protection of mankind and medicine.

Mary and Jaime still make a point of celebrating 8 sabbats of thanksgiving to the gods which include two equinoxes, two solstices and four other celebrations. Also note the Galician burn (Queimada Galega), complete with dramatization and imagery, where Jaime becomes a druid.
The target audience of the restaurant took some time to accept the concept and relies essentially on the age groups between the ages of 30 and 50. There are, however, two groups that have attended the establishment since the early days: the heavy metal fans and the naturists, perhaps attracted, respectively, by the semi-military aesthetics and customs related to the land.

However, the restaurante doesn’t rely solely on traditions, it knows how to delight customers with dishes of the gods. They have an excellent selection of tapas (with Celtic names and with vegetarian options) and the Galetas de trigo sarraceno, typical of Brittany, are one of the most requested dishes in the establishment. Also, don’t forget the cheese boards and sausages as well as the completely homemade desserts. As for drinks, there is also no shortage of various nectars, from the numerous varieties of artisan beer, Brittany cider and famous sangria with cider.

According to Maria, the great initial difficulty was to find a team that knew how to absorb the spirit of the house and transmit it to the clientele. Nowadays it has a dedicated and well-informed staff of what Endovélico represents: a unique and culturally filled house in Invicta.
Dare and come to know this space so interesting! But, please note that we were joking in the beginning of the story. Do not try to cut a steak with a sword, use the knife, it’s handier.