The Lingerie Restaurant
— since 2004 —

We all assume a multiplicity of characters in the unfolding of our lives: children, parents, friends, grandparents, professionals. Sometimes the role of husband or wife is, by the force of circumstances, somewhat relegated to second place and what brings some stability into our lives, the routine, becomes a negative aspect between the flame that brings the couple together. Between picking up the kids at school and the car at the workshop, there is little room for romance and passion. Luis Almeida noticed, like so many others, precisely this fact, but decided to reverse the trend, by bringing to Rua de Gonçalo Cristóvão 198, in Porto a unique concept: the Lingerie Restaurant.

The hotel industry was the area of ​​study and his professional career took him a bit around the world, especially when he worked on cruise ships. In Australia, he got to know a curious concept, a restaurant with erotic spectacle, and decided to extend the idea to Portuguese lands.
On April 22, 2004, he inaugurated the Lingerie Restaurant in Santa Maria da Feira, which quickly extended to Póvoa do Varzim, finally establishing itself in Invicta, where the famous Café Porto was located. At present, Luis concentrates his efforts in Porto and bets on the quality of his establishment. It was a learning journey and this dedicated entrepreneur accedes that he has always been an excellent host but has had to learn to improve his management qualities. Nowadays, it conciliates both roles with naturality and always looks for novelties with which to enchant its clients, even the most usual ones.

But what drives people to look for the restaurant? In the words of a couple, Sónia and António, the Lingerie Restaurant was a way to improve their relationship in a gradual and pleasant way, because the highly professional staff and the system of traffic lights that the restaurant employs allow each one to explore the sensuality of the shows at one’s own pace. The evening begins with a typical dinner, followed by erotic spectacles. The interaction of the performers with the audience is dependent on the willingness of the clients. Red traffic light indicates that people do not want interaction (Sónia and António opted initially for this color), yellow light indicates availability for some interaction and green traffic light lets the performer explore all his sensuality with a person of his choice, usually touches and jokes, until she or he move to another table or continues the show on stage. Following the thematic of eroticism, the employees and waitresses present themselves in lingerie or underwear. Luis also makes a point of betting on the quality of gastronomy, with the help of his wife Paula, who is the chef. Both decided to play a little with the names and therefore, a orgy on the beach corresponds to a codfish, a gremlo da Maria’s transmontana snatch corresponds to codfish with corn bread and alheira, in short, it is an infinity of funny double entenders that whet the curiosity and the palate. To accompany the meal, the Lingerie has an excellent ãwarded house wine and even has its own brand of sparkling wine. Nothing is left to chance, and as the night advances, not even to the imagination.

Initially, our host anticipated serving primarily couples, but nowadays he knows full well that the public is very vast. At the Lingerie Restaurant, stag and hen parties are organized, silver and gold jubilees, birthday parties and even divorces. According to Luís, the latter are usually organized by friends who want to help in a delicate period.
In a spirit of inclusion, the Lingerie also organizes shows for all sexual orientations and the establishment already enjoys a certain international notoriety of being a unique house.
The restaurant also has an excellent online reservation service, where you can find a lot of pertinent information.

The name of the house actually reveals the duality of Lingerie: a pragmatic component of dress and a component of seduction. Luis attributes pragmatism to eating well and sensuality to spectacles. An interesting fusion that our couple makes a point of always keeping on the path of novelty and discovery.

Dare to feed your senses!  
The Lingerie Restaurant