Petisqueira Voltaria
— since 2016 —

Once upon a time, a gentleman who was on a diet ... We have to immediately stop, because today we tell the story of the delicacy restaurant Voltaria, whose slogan visible at the counter warns us that no story begins like this. And if it did, it would quickly collapse, because this establishment, located at Rua Afonso Martins Alho, 109, in Porto, is a temptation to the most staunch diet.

The miracle hands who run the kitchen belong to the founder, Fatima Teixeira, who, feeling fatigued by her profession, decided to spread to Invicta and her many visitors her culinary talents. Accustomed to cooking for large groups of friends at home, she knew how to make the leap to the professional area, not forgetting the necessary training that prepared her for a different reality. She counts on the help of Hugo Volta, his husband, a natural master of ceremonies. Both are trained in tourism and adepts of contact with other cultures and places. It isn’t therefore surprising that they maintain such good relations with clients of various nationalities who visit them. Hugo even reports a curious situation with two New Yorkers who had lunch at Voltaria. He guessed that one of them was actually from Trinidad and Tobago, and the mere fact that he knew her country moved her. This cultural enthusiasm is clearly visible on one of the walls of the house, where a world map filled with messages from those who visit the house rivals the feedback of social networks.

The establishment has a maximum capacity of 20 people and works in the spirit of closeness that the couple wants to propagate. The idea is not to serve and be done with it, but to offer a meal that can be appreciated in all its nuances, and where dialogue is one of the most important. The children leave thanks in the napkins, the clients send postcards with messages of appreciation, thus are the relations that develop here ...

But after all, what do you get to heat in Voltaria? The dishes are too many to list, but here are just a few to whet your appetite: cod ‘à braz’, cod with cream, black pork cheek, black pork ham sandwiches with fried egg, chickpea salad with cod ... There is also no shortage of the unique culinary creations of Fatima: tentugal of ‘alheira’, ‘pastéis de nata’ of cod or ‘alheira’, cod sandwich with egg, among others (if you feel a huge desire to taste any of the dishes mentioned, do not worry, it's normal) . Of course, being in Porto, one could not miss the mythical ‘francesinha’, made with the house’s own recipe and a well balanced sauce. In fact, even the excellent sangria used to be blue, as a tribute to Invicta, but to Hugo's sadness, the sparkling wine that gave it its color is no longer produced. The petisqueira does not use any type of frying and the ingredients are 100% Portuguese, as well as the gins, wines and beers that accompany the delicious meals.

In the spirit of cultural exchange, Fatima and Hugo recommend other must-visit places and excel at maintaining the quality they presented at the opening of the house. They tell stories of their city and receive from their visitors irreplaceable accounts in a reciprocity that reveals the timeless values ​​of dialogue between people.

The name of the house came up in a joke with friends, in one of the many get-togethers that was organized in their home, and relates to Hugo’s family name and the verb 'to return' (voltar). It is not difficult to perceive the pun if you ask a visitor of the petisqueira:
- What do you think?
-Voltaria! (I’d come back!)  
Petisqueira Voltaria