Boulevard Burger House
— since 2015 —

Commercial establishments are defined by the people who manage them, which in turn are defined by the synergies they develop. Boulevard Burger House, opened at Adolfo Casais Monteiro street, nº 17, on November 30, 2015, and enjoys synergies between two cousins, Henrique Santos and Luís Moura. Henrique has a long history of restaurant related activity. He worked for 15 years in a family restaurant in Lisbon. He returned to Porto where he took over the management of one of the restaurants in Portugália, followed by establishments in Foz, Norte Shopping and Arrábida Shopping. On the other hand Luís Moura studied ​​sound and image. He also spent some years in the capital practicing his art, and returned to the land that saw him born. In Porto, however, it was not easy to find work in the area and Luis decided to join forces with his cousin to explore a different area.

The vision has always been to create an American diner, however, the presence of numerous hamburger houses in Invicta led them to expand the concept to include some delights from across the ocean, including barbecue ribs with memphis sauce, nachos, onion rings, buffalo wings and chili. Those who enjoys puff pastry are also presented with delicious brownies and new york cheesecakes. The North American aesthetic was immediately seized by Louis, an eternal lover of the cinematic and musical culture of this part of the globe. On the other hand, Henrique's gastronomic experience has helped create a menu that is highly appreciated by customers, from starters to dessert.

In a constant search for perfection they have done remodeling work that has improved the lighting, organization of the space and graphic imagery, which, according to the client's praise, also resulted in a more welcoming, more 'cool' space. The goal of Henrique and Luís is that customers leave satisfied. They want the space to be known throughout Invicta, for what they provide: a different experience that bets on quality.

They recognize that the street on which the business is located, previously known as Pombal street, could be more dynamic, since many houses are closed. Businesses such as Boulevard Burguer House, however, help create the necessary visibility with a spirit of entrepreneurship and art that honors the artistic environment that has already passed through the four walls of space, in the form of the Guilhermina Suguia music school.

Come to know and breathe this unique environment, which brings America to Invicta !  
Boulevard Burger House