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As 7 Maravilhas
— since 2013 —

Rua das Taipas, door 17C
This story begins in 1937, at a time when domino was fashionable and the wine drank in bowls. Those who walked by Jardim das Virtudes knew Radar well, a popular casa de pasto with the spirit of invicta. There are those who say that on its tables there have been stories of love and great hardships, but we will leave this chapter for another page.
We now go to Holland, where another love story was beginning to be written between swords and bean rice. In this romanesque duel involving the experienced fencing instructor Thomas and the enthusiast Juliana, the coup de grace was served and not pierced. The story continues a few months later, with suitcases packed, with stops in Cuba and a trip through Vietnam, to São Bento and the streets that saw Juliana grow. In one of the suitcases they carried discs and in the other, piles of dreams, ideas and recipes.
It was chance that brought them to the door 17C of the old Radar. Love at first glance with a 7 for the 7 maravilhas (wonders). Everything hit right into Thomas's superstitious side. On December 13, 2013, the doors of As 7 Maravilhas opened. A full house, brimming with love and warmth, where friendship leaves marks, religiously guarded in a secret altar. People come from the four corners of the globe, some famous as the Savages, Sasquatch, Ricardo Perez and Pé na Terra. A legion of fans we know you'll want to be part of.

As 7 Maravilhas

As 7 Maravilhas is a casa de pasto that opened its doors in December 2013 in the heart of Invicta.

In this place, the story begins in 1937 as a casa de pasto. Continuing this story with a unique concept in Porto, was our goal. "Meals" and snacks along with a good ‘pinga’ (glass of wine) - the true way to eat in a casa de pasto (because we are not a restaurant!). Except that in these foods the typical Portuguese flavors are rarely found, because in "As 7 Maravilhas" the menu goes around the world! We have our classics - from Falafel to Currywurst, from Onion Bahjji to Goulash. A wonderful variety of sandwiches, as well as salads, soups and two fresh and different foods every day, always inspired by another corner of the world. The two meals are served from 8pm, all other delights of our menu are available from 1pm.
And of course, we also have the right "pingas" to accompany these offers, good Portuguese wines, beers from all over the world, Mango Lassi, wonderful teas, some liqueurs and Scotch Single Malts, as digestive ... It's our house, and our family would like to share with you the love of cooking, comfort and well-being with you! Welcome!

As 7 maravilhas