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Barbearia Porto
— since 1946 —

Founded in 1946, the 'Barbearia Porto' has a remarkable heritage in its environment. Guided by the most rigorous principles of excellence and by the constant reinvention of its methods, it quickly established itself as a reference barber shop for the unconquered city. The owner of a unique legacy, it reinvents itself from generation to generation, transmitting to its successors its story, reusing and re-adjusting the principles of the house.

Thus, with the arrival of contemporary man, an adaptation to his new urban lifestyle becomes central, providing not only a new cut, but also an unique experience, extolling the vast heritage that was left over for decades.

From the bearded towel treatment with the old-fashioned class hair, allied to a good beer, eventually a Habana cigar, or even a new tattoo with the resident artist, we promise to provide a unique atmosphere, accompanied by a special service and of dedicated and personalized attention.

In the time of my grandfather, the barbershops were what they were.
And today we do it the same way again. Come (re) find out!  
Barbearia Porto


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