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— since 2014 —

The story had everything to go wrong. Like Romeo and Juliet and its irremediable family disagreements. But fortunately not. The love of Bia and Ricardo, one to each other and, inescapably, to craft beer, was far superior to the wrangling between the two families at a time dating back to moments lived between families of both.

Between the fine line that separates hate and love, the latter, when it wins, turns overwhelming. So it turns unbeatable for a common project. The genesis of 'Catraio - Craft Beer Shop' starts in Seville, one of the many trips around the world with the shared common idea that as the great typical food, they also should taste the beer in each place.

This 'different' desire gave a single ambition. Intrinsic between them, but with two layouts. The first, which provided for the creation of a craft beer did not advanced for now. The second that converges all that is best craft made in one place. From possible competitors to current partners.

The days in the Cedofeita Street, No. 256 are never the same. The 'stories' multiply with visitors who come to this place that used to be, many years ago, a sacred art store or a laser hair removal business. From the neighbors of other generations, which after much persistence came to like, to tourists who ask for lemon or ice in beer, to the connoisseur who asked fifteen different beers and just gave two 'drafts' in each. But the difference is Bia and Ricardo, connoisseurs 'beer' owners who enjoy a chat. And love stories with happy ending. Like theirs.