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Mercado na Invicta
— since 2016 —

An old space that has undergone many changes, a medieval convent, a Victorian showroom or one year of car parts store 90. But in 2016, after almost twenty years of inactivity, is reborn as a collaborative market that is home to talented craftsmen of the invicta city.

Located in the Rua das Fábricas, known as the street of the oldest factories where was produced much of the national tobacco. Mercado na Invicta market in the Invicta alive from the hands of Maria Bethlehem and Maria Cristina, both training of accountants rendered crafts for taste and vocation. It was just a craft fair that met and devised what would become the second home of dozens of creative of all ages.

Since the ancient rustic stones that make up the white walls with colorful mosaics that guide us down the aisle. A beautiful space whose fairways nestle dozens of artisans with their exquisite work and offers us a Portuguese craft of great quality and authenticity in downtown Porto.  
Mercado na Invicta