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La Copa
— since 2014 —

Maria Emilia still remembers as if it were today, those ice creams that soon melted and ran down the arm, when she was six or seven years old. It was a joy when her father took her to Luanda Bay to eat ice cream at BALEIZÃO, the only gelato shop downtown in the early 70's. Even today, the glamor of the city at that time, the night out and the wonderful ice cream are nothing but good memories. Such sweet memories, of a ritual between Mary and her father, that inspired her to create in Invicta, La Copa, at number 366, Avenida Rodrigues Freitas.

The first inspiration, but not the only one! Maria and her husband, Pedro Manuel, are a married couple, as she likes to refer. They share everything, including impressions of the spaces visited on the many trips they make. The brands of the dishes, the touch of the towels, the format of the tables, everything is considered as an essential component of the experience provided by an establishment. The places are also decisive: in Italy it is more usual to eat ice cream in a glass or cone, that is, the customer arrives makes the request and leaves with the it. In Germany it is different, ice cream is more sought after than in Italy, and is served in a glass. It is had almost as if it were a meal, served in very elaborate bowls with mixtures of flavors and many fruits, in forms that look more like floral arrangements.
When La Copa opened its doors in June 2014, the couple could not decide on a single concept, so they chose to let the customer make their choice, always with the concern of allowing him to enjoy an ice cream in a beautiful glass, in a cozy space, in short, create a longer and more meaningful experience.

The name can be seen as a compliment to the Italian imagination, despite the 'aportuguesamento' of 'Copa', which drops a 'P'. Maria Emilia is a nurse, and despite all the dedication that La Copa demands of her, she still exercises the profession. Her husband Pedro, an engineer by trade, is only dedicated to the requirements of the establishment on a professional level. And no doubt there are many: from the incessant search for the perfect formula, through the supply of fresh fruit, to the need to have a completely handmade production in the toppings, cream and of course, in the ice cream itself. The flavors are varied: lemon, blueberry and passion fruit in summer are always in demand. Chocolate, vanilla and pistachio are timeless and we still have some curiosities like the 'monster' taste, like the energy drink, Oreo and Ferrero Rocher. The house also sells hot drinks such as hot chocolate, which is completely handmade, thick, strong and hot.
The crepes, gaufres, and pancakes, to complete the offer, complete with the whipped cream which is the ex-libris of the house.

It is also imperative to mention the excellent team that accompanies the couple. Mr. Sousa and Dona Manuela have been in La Copa since it opened, they have been working with ice cream for 30 years, they know the customers by heart and they know the day and hour that a customer comes to the gelataria.

Shortly before the opening of La Copa, while the concept was taking shape, all of them went to a formation in Italy, related to the production of ice cream, to perceive the theory and to improve the practice.

With this perfect mix of aesthetic and technical concerns, La Copa gelataria has grown to become a cozy, pleasant space, cool in summer and warm in winter, rich in detail and comfort! Precious for quality and for creating in the customer, the feeling of being at home. Maria Emília and Pedro are parents of three children, but consider La Copa as the fourth. For this reason, they want to continue to see it grow, offering residents and visitors of the city of Oporto the treats that stimulate the senses and enliven the soul.  
La Copa