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— since 1992 —

José Leite is an individual with the privilege of experience, granted by several years of life. As a consequence, he is not especially thrilled by the novelty factor. Instead, he maintains a special affection for the relation between the individual object, the simplicity of the means of production and the in-depth knowledge of the creation process. Let’s contextualize: José studied Arquitecture in Fine Arts, and afterwards took a painting degree in ESAP. In 2012, he founded in Rua do Almada 376, Lislei, following the creation of his design office. It’s not surprising, then, that creating is both a goal and a pleasure. Even now he continues to teach design at the University of Aveiro, but he did not abandon the practical aspect of product design that Lislei provides.

Lislei brand focuses on the development of utilitarian objects for the home, such as lighting, acessories and furniture. Since they are a arquitecture company they also devolop specific projects for home and office. Another area addressed in the last five years by Lislei is the design of toys, through the Brand Boo. Both toy design and office interior are challenges that the company has decided to tackle to diversify its offer. The pieces and artifacts are created in the studio with excellent workmanship and ethical concerns in terms of materials used. Sometimes the quality actually mesmerizes some customers who doubt, to Jose's sadness, that the brand and the production are completely national. On the other hand, they contact clients who appreciate the concerns of each piece, both functional and ethical, and that as informed consumers, them can’t ignore.

In general, the work of the dedicated professionals of Lislei echoes the love of Joseph for the simplicity of production and the pragmatism of form. The magazine monocle called the tricycle developed by Boo, the charm of the low-tech.
Lislei was initially the result of a lot of effort, since the space the store occupied - a house of ironworks in high state of degradation - needed rehabilitation. But the effort was rewarded. At present, the company took another step towards the future by moving to a new space, located in Aires de Ornelas street, nº 112but, its core, its vision and dedication remains the same.

Undoubtedly, today and always, a creative force in Portuguese society with the complete tranquility of those who trust in what they do best.