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As 3 Jóias
— since 2013 —

On these fast-paced days, our attention flickers and disperses rapidly. In a sea of ​​information, the eyes don’t rest that long in any one phenomenon. It’s therefore a pleasure to tell the story of As 3 Jóias, an establishment that, breaking with the traditional designation of goldsmithing, provides a unique experience to those who visit the beautiful, almost mystical space, by allowing them to witness live, the art of those who here create real unique artifacts.

The store opened its doors on June 1, 2013, at Rua Santa Teresa, nº 8, where it used to be an electrical products shop. It was created by the jeweler Maria José Moura with the intention of having a space of work, exhibition and sale of her work and of other jewelers, since goldsmithing was an art practiced for several generations in the family. In Gondomar, on the workshop that responded to various requests from the establishment, was Laura Moura, her sister and a team of craftsmen ready to respond to all challenges. Soon the two sisters realized that it would be better to be together. Incidentally, this was also a welcome change for those who spent hours working in a meticulous and solitary process. Skilled craftsmen came into close contact with the public and the inevitable compliments that customers weave, validated their work and encouraged them to perfect their art. In As 3 Jóias we can count on eight different visions of the process of shaping metals and precious stones, namely from Maria Moura, Laura Moura, João Pedro Oliveira, Ana Freitas, Carla Faro Barros and Tea and OatCakes by Isabel Ramos.
The As 3 Jóias intends to be a place of inspiration and artistic sharing, where the exchange between the jewelers and the public is promoted.
Upon entering we find the exhibition and sales gallery and at the bottom of the gallery is the workshop, also accessible to the public, which facilitates the exchange.

The two sisters have backgrounds in different areas: Laura studied Pharmaceutical Sciences and Maria, Economics. The brilliance of the family business and the tradition it entailed, however, was inevitable. According to Laura, the store has had very good acceptance and a certain irresistibility. Let us explain: whoever enters this shop never really forgets it. Whether it's the fantastic exotic décor that exudes a certain harmony, bathed by warm tones in the gallery, or by the pulsating scarlet that defines the workshop, full of life and love of the art from those who work here, this is a place of strong sensations. Laura even mentions the various requests for marriage, triggered by the uniqueness and beauty of the work that is done here. The clientele of the store receives several visits from tourists, but the most recurrent customers are essentially portuguese women. The age group overcomes the barrier of time - it ranges from 25 to 90.

Rua Santa Teresa, just above the well-known Rua da Fábrica, has a good dynamic with As 3 Jóias, and business and services are a good complement to the public that frequents the store. The name of the shop is inspired by Buddhist philosophy and perfectly combines the three elements that we can find here: enlightenment, teaching - transmitted through several generations and the community of artists that contributes to the art of creation.

The As 3 Jóias was created thinking about you and your personal brilliance. If you visit Invicta, visit it too!  
As 3 Jóias