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— since 2018 —

Between the needs that life presents to us with and our own passions, there is sometimes a great void. Perhaps that is why Abilio Alves, owner of Impressiv3D, located at Rua Formosa, nº 181, in Porto, has seen the restructuring of the bank where he worked as an advantage. Passionate for several years for 3D printing, he saw in the sudden unemployment situation an opportunity to create a business around this technology, still unknown to some. Abilio was fascinated by the possibility of a 3D printer being able to replicate practically any object or artifact that could be digitalized or modeled. His early experiences began with some utilitarian pieces, although he quickly started to think not only in terms of applicability, but also artistic process. This interest and passion resulted in the creation of Impressiv3D, on May 1, 2018.

In this shop the edges, vertices and vectors of 3D models come to life through various materials that the customers themselves can choose. The limitations are virtually non-existent and are becoming smaller, since the plastic-only barrier has already been transposed. The store specializes in 3D portraits, where extreme care and attention to detail ensures and guarantees a truly amazing and spectacular final result. Every face, every body requires a creative and painstaking work behind it before it can be printed, something he does with passion. Whoever passes in front of the store tends to stop to enjoy the portraits in the storefront and invariably ends up entering to satisfy his curiosity. Whoever passes by and stops at the store window, looks at the pictures and quickly realizes that what he sees are not mere dolls, nor a simple memory or present. They are something truly different and special!

Many of the tourists who visit the store know a little more about the technology involved in the process and perhaps for this reason they have been the most numerous clients so far, but Abilio expects that his business will continue to gather fans. He knew he was facing a challenge, but the growth of Impressiv3D has been steady and sustained. This is a business that in its own words' is not pre-set or pre-assembled or formatted like a coffee! It is an innovative, differentiating and absolutely new business that consequently has to be created as it evolves and grows.

Formosa street number 181, which had been unoccupied for some time and which previously housed an electronic cigarette store, has already gained visibility and some notoriety with Impressiv3D.
The truth, in fact, was that it was not even available for rent, but given the innovative facet of the business, the landlord agreed to Abilio's proposal.
At the moment, the big challenge lies in making the store and the 3D printing business itself known to the generality and the overwhelming majority of the general public. However, judging by the curious and amazed looks that look at the storefront, it should not be for long.
Come and give a new dimension to your life with Impressiv3D.