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Lado B
— since 2010 —

The story of Lado B, located at Manuel Passos street in Porto, begins with an end. Artur Ribeiro finished his mandatory military service in 1980, when his brother invited him to work in his restaurant. He gained considerable experience in the restaurant business in the five years he worked there and even learned how to make the famous francesinhas. However, his eternal passion, music, prompted him to open Jo-Jo's Music, a vinyl and cassette store that echoed that same passion. For 29 years he has expanded Invicta's musicality until the increasing digitization of music formats as well as their distribution has threatened him to close doors. It was therefore time to look for another area of ​​business and Artur decided to bet on an area where he already had experience, the restaurant business. In 2010 he inaugurated Lado B in Cedofeita, next to his disk store, however, in 2012 it was impossible to resist a privileged space, next to the Coliseum, where for many years the well-known Astronaut Café worked and whose license and lease were still signed with a fountain pen in 1964 (55 years ago).

The most requested dish is unmistakably the francesinha. After experimenting with various ingredients and spices, Artur has established a standard of quality and flavor that remains to this day, however, the famous sandwich is not the only treat on Lado B. Veal with garlic, potatoes and greens and cod à Braga are also two highly prized house specialties. For the more alternative there’s still a surprise: the vegetarian francesinha, certified by the organization Aliança Animal, with the possibility of having completely vegan ingredients.

The evolution of the business has been extremely positive, being that it has grown from year to year and already had the visit of 115 nationalities. Despite this international aspect, most of the clients are Portuguese, always fond of a good little francesinha. Nothing makes Arthur happier than usual patrons mentioning that the meal was 'good as ever'. And so honest are the accolades that on one occasion they even led to the creation of another Lado B, this time in Braga. Get to know the history of Braga’s Lado B here.

It’s not only the city of bishops that can experience the delights of Lado B. In our entrepreneur's sights are already Portuguese and even foreign cities, but everything in due time ... The name and the decoration of the house are linked to Artur’s music enthusiasm. The walls pay homage to great musical names, as well as showcasing those artifacts so precious to Artur, the vinyls. The name reflects the interest in the area of ​​restoration, which arose after the interest in music. A lado B (B side) indeed, but full of good things.

Presently, the challenge is to keep a good team working that meets the standards of quality and good service. Perfection, however, is a whimsical lady and one can’t always please all customers. Arthur recalls a unusual episode in which a customer complained: 'A real francesinha gives a person a stomach ache all afternoon.' Eternally optimistic, Arthur continues to move toward the future, and perhaps the great secret of his enterprise is to seek happiness in everything he does. His restaurant seems to reflect this state of mind, with a pleasant atmosphere that invites a visit. Oh! And Lado B’s francesinhas don’t make us ill-disposed the rest of the afternoon! Try one and visit us!  
Lado B Porto