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Boa Ideia! Café
— since 2016 —

Two heads think better than one and four heads think better than two. What happens when these four heads know each other for a long time? A lot of dialogue and above all, good ideas crystallized through a thoughtful consensus. In order to clarify the question, we present two couples, Helder Gomes and Marlene Silva, Daniel Alas and Paula Nunes, for whom this process of having good ideas already flows naturally. The four friends have known each other since childhood and although they have followed different professional paths, they ended up joining forces again in an enterprise that was called, precisely, Boa Ideia! café catering e eventos.

They began by organizing events at clients' homes and preparing everything in their own homes, but quickly felt the need for a physical space in which they could more personally contact with their clientele. Four walls can have an impact on the imagination, and whoever imagines a catering office, also imagines, with a bit of elasticity, a cafe. It could be a good idea ... and it was!

The brand created Boa Ideia! café, located at Damião de Góis 240. The concept, however, was to do something different and, for that, they did a survey of the area to fill potential gaps. The bet was on regional products: cristas and covilhetes from Vila Real, rabanadas from Póvoa and bread baked in wooden oven from Penafiel are some of the examples that delight customers. With eyes set on the future and concerns for other lifestyles, the house also makes pastries and daily meals with vegan and vegetarian recipes.

However, it is not only at the level of supply that the Boa Ideia! café was innovative, but also in the philosophy of service and identity. In this cafe there are no sponsorships of brands, because above all the Boa Ideia! café is the Boa Ideia! café, a very sui generis place.
This uniqueness is also evident on the walls, often decorated with works by various artists who take advantage of these ‘wide screens’ to spread their talent. On the other hand the service, which leaves no one indifferent, excels in warmth and flexibility. If there’s something that the customer wants, it’s prepared, if it can’t be prepared for lack of ingredients, with a little imagination, something similar is arranged. Apparently the positivism that exudes from the staff and owners is contagious. Daniel refers to a funny episode in which, in a typical restaurant incident, a collaborator broke a mountain of dishes. "We had four plates left in the cafe," he adds. A lady who was present at the cafe got up and offered 20 euros to help pay for the damage, to everyone's amazement. On another occasion, a spanish couple came on purpose from the Marques to the Boa Ideia! café, since another couple who they knew, had been to Porto the previous year and only had good things to say about the establishment. It should also be mentioned that the Boa Ideia! café serves as a point of sale for trips and tours. A nice surprise for those who want to know invicta.

The clientele is composed of people who work in the surrounding services and inhabitants of the area, as well as some tourists. At the weekend, residents fill the house, but Daniel proudly notes that many shopkeepers and workers also go to the cafe at the weekend to show their husband or wife who serves them lunch.

However, the greatest asset of the house, since its inauguration in 2016, is the merging of four committed entrepreneurs, each with its own strengths. Marlene likes sweets, Paula likes salty foods, Helder deals with accounting, as well as with a multiplicity of tasks and Daniel has 24 years of experience in catering. The four fuse innovative ideas and concepts just as easily as Boa Ideia! café was introduced in Porto’s life. Unmissable!  
Boa Ideia! Café