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Our life is made up of a myriad of stories. Some, however, acquire such importance that they define our future, our passions. So it is with Maurício Nogueira, a lover of Italy and all that its people represent. His course begins on Lusitanian soil, with studies, followed by an insurance company and finally self-employment. His next step led him to become involved with the textile representations.

From here on out the contact with Italy begins. He represented various brands, all of them Italian. To their delight, these were brands that excelled in the quality of materials and confection, so it will not be surprising to know who Mauricio Nogueira represented: the firms of Fabrics Radnor Liston of England - Lanerossi - Achili Pinto - Canclini among others and in the Confection brands: Alea - Van Lack - Xacus (masters in the Confection of shirts) and Corneliani and Cerruti (masters in the Confection of suits for men). Finally he helped launch the Paul & Shark brand in Portugal over the course of 32 years. The time spent in Italy only served to make him more passionate about the country. He admires the inventive ability, the extraordinary Italian sense of fashion and the unparalleled value for money of the products he worked with. As a lover of 'good things', it was only a matter of time before he became interested in another product that this sunny country, so cleverly produces: the wines.

On October 8, 2015, he opens, at no. 108 of the Esplanada do Castelo in Porto, the doors of Manog, an Italian wine house that delights any and all wine connoisseurs. Here the shelves reserve the space for the highest quality wines. Diving into the choice available can be more overwhelming than a dive on the Douro River, which flows into the sea, right outside the establishment, not so much for the generous choice but for the amount of emotions and sensations that these carefully chosen bottles evoke . Every sip should be appreciated in its entirety, every drink served to perfection, since we’re talking about what many consider the best wines in the world, such as the Brunello of Montalcino, the Amarone della Valpolicella or the Barolo of Piemonte. Other excellent options include the famous Sparkling Ca 'Del Bosco in the Franciacorta area, the Proseco of Valdobbiadene and the famous Vermentino of Sardinia.

The country has seven regions with distinct flavors and characteristics and all are represented in the store. Some typical food products, such as Milanese Panetone, are also available. Mauricio Nogueira's knowledge of his store's offer seems inexhaustible. He has satisfied its curiosity in many fairs and events, such as Vinitaly, the world's largest wine fair and its many visits to Italy, which he continues to make regularly.

He recognizes that the Portuguese public is not yet particularly aware of the reality that Italian wines represent, but already has 'connaisseurs' and enthusiasts who know full well the tradition and flavor available on the shelves of Manog. Mauricio Nogueira tells us that life is a constant learning process. With this store, decorated as if it was a piece of Italy, he intends to continue to prove it.
If you are thinking about visiting Invicta, come and discover this interesting wine cellar. A presto!  
Manog Enoteca Italiana