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— since 2015 —

At the age of six, Tiago Barbosa was walking in a goldsmith's workshop in Gondomar. The June sun beamed invitingly through the windows, yet it was within the four walls of the building that its universe of discovery lay. He looked at all the work tools there and inquired about their use, but above all he observed with silent admiration the work of the specialists who fashioned silver and gold into amazing shapes. As the years passed, this mystique of processes and tools disappeared, not because Tiago had lost interest, but because the questions were giving way to solid knowledge. His father's family was always attached to the goldsmith's shop. He and his brothers were no exception.

Once in adulthood, he started to accompany his father to trade fairs all over the world, something that he still does today. With the experience gained, he created the brand Mesh, a project very much his own. The occasional participation in Fil, in Lisboa Design Show and other events, where customer feedback was always very positive, led him to conceptualize a physical store where he could be closer to people and ensure a constant source of income. On the other hand, when he prospected the universe of goldsmiths in Porto, he realized that there was a certain stagnation and homogeneity in the whole branch.

These two aspects led to the creation of Mesh in 2017, in the street of Ramalho Ortigão. The excellence of the products, well shaped in the factory in Gondomar, had immediate acceptance. After a full year of operation, Tiago inaugurated another store, this time in São Domingos square, more oriented to the growing flow of tourists in Invicta and with a minimalist design in the Nordic style, which placed the emphasis on the items on display. The brand's philosophy is to demystify the idea that jewelry is necessarily expensive. The pieces have an average cost between 15-30 euros and use, in large part, recycled silver with several platings to choose from.

The name 'Mesh' refers to a type of mesh used in jewelery and is verbalized in the same way in almost any language. This detail was not a mere chance, since the mark is well known outside Portugal. The clean appearance of the establishments also invites a very varied audience, including the younger ones. On the other hand, the customization and maintenance of parts is easily carried out, since the brand controls the entire production and distribution process. Manufacturing uses traditional techniques, in which millimeters and sketches or photographs are preferable to vectors and scans. These techniques, together with a constantly evolving design, result in artifacts with a certain lightness of form, inspiring emotions and full of creativity.

The expansion of the brand and the constant creation of novelties required the hiring of more designers, but even so, Tiago didn’t stop being involved in the process. Sometimes he still likes being in the factory in Gondomar, to make sure the pieces come out exactly as he wants. On the other hand, he is always attentive to this whimsical lady that is fashion. He often looks at magazines, uses the never-ending world of research that is the Internet or simply observes what people use.

Tiago hopes to build a chain of stores throughout the country in the near future, and the brand will also have an online store. In addition to the gifts he offers his clients and the occasional cocktail parties that attract both curious and adepts, our entrepreneur enforces a view that may be the best feature of Mesh’s service: to treat your customers in the same way he, as a customer, likes to be treated, in the spirit of Portuguese street trade. Come and experience it firsthand.