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Casa Granado
— since 1913 —

In the stories of street trade are sometimes contained, the stories of families. Businesses that pass from generation to generation and preserve a certain ancestral knowledge. Nevertheless, the most prosperous traders are those who, refusing to live on the shade of past merits, look to the future and modernize their brand, without giving up their founding spirit. Nuno Amado, current owner of Casa Granado is one of these merchants. With ingenuity and effort he was able to bring his business into the 21st century without altering its main principles.

Casa Granado was founded in 1913 by Alberto Patana Granado, Joaquim Amado Patana’s uncle, who is in turn Nuno’s gather. Alberto dedicated 60 years to this hardware store, located in the Street of Cedofeita, in Porto, and the history of the house is practically indistinguishable from its own history. In them we hear echoes of the past, of a colonial Portugal, of the Monarchic Conspiracy and of the first elections held for the Portuguese bicameral system.

Despite the changes brought over the years, Alberto always dedicated himself to his establishment and this tendency was perpetuated by his nephew Joaquim, who at the age of fourteen began working at Casa Granado. Consequently, Nuno grew up surrounded by tools and utensils, until adulthood led him to inspect construction works for several years. However, the pride he had in the business and which his father contued impelled him to follow the footsteps of Joaquim.

Nuno observed the evolution of the business in Invicta and, in view of the fact that customers preferred to buy the most varied goods in a single establishment, instead of specialized stores, he decided to expand the offer of Casa Granado so as to include plumbing and electrical utensils , small appliances, adhesives compounds for filling and finish, sands, cements and machines for civil construction. This expansion, however, led him to conclude that the already small space of the establishment in Cedofeita would be insufficient and he eventually opened another store on Rua de Aníbal Cunha, where a computer store was located. The space was planned from scratch by him and was affirmed as an extension of the store of Cedofeita.

This new phase attracted a more varied clientele. Nuno says that in addition to loyal customers - some of whom were already his father's age - he managed to captivate a large number of professionals related to construction work. The attractiveness of the house is also explained by the specialization of its staff, people with years of experience who can easily provide explanations regarding the myriad of items on display. On the other hand, the ease with which its collaborators express themselves in English translates into a greater flow of tourists and foreign residents in Porto. With the growing clientele there are even some funny episodes. Nuno said with amusement that a customer, outraged by being the target of consecutive robberies, entered through the doors of the establishment determined to carry an already armed rat trap inside her wallet. She was, in fact, another satisfied customer leaving Casa Granado.

The two establishments have their own charm. Other types of businesses use aesthetics as a vehicle for the image they want to communicate, while in the two spaces of Casa Granado, functionality is the aesthetic itself and the word of order is organization. All square inches of the store are covered with the most varied utensils and tools. Stacks of paint buckets guide our eyes to the next shelf of brushes, which in turn remind us that even on the ceiling we can find something useful, such as aluminum rollers. A real 360º exploration that fill the senses with stimuli and the imagination with possibilities. So, if you are designing the construction of a building, or simply putting the finishing touches on a frame, visit Casa Granado. In here you will find everything.  
Casa Granado